The Hypocrisy of Tim Pawlenty

Can you believe Tim Pawlenty said this on This Week today:

“ John McCain is the one person who says, I’ll stand up and do what’s right for my country even before party. And I’ll challenge you [Rahm Emanuel] once again. Name me one instance, even one, where Barack Obama has stood up and said, I will take on my party on a matter of principle, on something large.”

This is the same man (our governor) who didn’t seem to have a problem with stripping Minnesota Republican lawmakers of their leadership positions when they failed to fall in line to prevent a Transportation Bill veto override for something large they believed in.


By the way, what does Barack have to stand up to his party on? Pushing an end to the war? Trying to provide health care for children? Making sure the Forth Amendment doesn’t go the way of the dodo bird? Supporting the working class rather than the rich? Thinking about the future of energy? I want Tim Pawlenty to tell me what that something “large” might be.


5 thoughts on “The Hypocrisy of Tim Pawlenty”

  1. Pawlenty didn’t strip those Republicans from their leadership positions. The leaders in the state house did. This post and others show that you’re clearly no less of a partisan hack than Pawlenty ever has been.

  2. I didn’t say he did it, I said he didn’t have a problem with it. He was just as mad as Seifert, I believe he called the six Republican’s vote “Ridiculous.” They stood up to the party for what they believed in and T-Paw called it “ridiculous.” You can’t deny that compared to what he said about McCain and Obama that it is hypocritical for him to think it is “ridiculous” for Minnesota republicans to stand up to the party, but admirable for John McCain to do it.

  3. He thought their vote was ridiculous, not standing up to the party. Pawlenty has stood up to the party (ethanol, Twins stadium, light rail/transit) on occasion. His problem was with their vote, not that it didn’t fall along party lines.

  4. Joey you are splitting hairs–unsuccessfully. The Governor didn’t respect their belief that expanded, safe transportation was more important for the state than a few extra $’s in taxes. He says we need to respect McCain for putting the country first above party. Those 6 Republican House Members put the state’s needs before the party, why didn’t the Governor respect them? Tim Pawlenty is a Republican politician first, and a Governor to Minnesota second, otherwise he wouldn’t have been so offended they ruined his no tax increase record.

  5. Who’s the party first person here? It’s your opinion that the tax increase was putting MN first. That’s not my opinion or the opinion of more than half of other Minnesotans. I don’t think the Democrats were putting their party first any more than Republicans were. The two sides just didn’t agree on what was best for Minnesota. Why does it always have to be a partisan game for you?

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