The Fake Minnesota Balanced Budget

I kind of like Pat Garofalo. Not his policies, but I think he has demonstrated he has a little more common-sense than your typical state GOP politician. This is from his email he sent to constituents:

Representative Pat Garofalo

Recently the media reported with much hoopla how the legislature “got it’s job done on time and balanced the state budget.” Of course I’d love to take credit for a good job, there is just one problem…. It isn’t true. You will hear politicians running around bragging about how in 2009 there will be property tax relief and new increased government spending. What they won’t tell you, is that the state has no way to pay for this. The projected deficit for next session is over $900 million dollars…and that is an optimistic scenario. The real deficit number is likely to be over $2 billion dollars. But of course this won’t come out until AFTER the election. As much as I would like to blame the Democrats for this, the reality is both political parties are responsible for this. Despite the politically popular items contained in the bill, I opposed it. I think we should balance the budget, not increase our deficit. WHAT DO YOU THINK? Please email me your thoughts.

You can email him at

I said I liked him for his common-sense, but I know we don’t agree on how to solve the issue. To me the simple solution is to set taxes on a bi-annual schedule based on what the state needs to spend then set expenses based on the revenues. He wouldn’t agree with me on the tax part.

Bev Topp is his opponent in the upcoming election.