We Must Stop Grandmas and Nuns From Voting!!!

Republicans have such a skewed sense of what they need to do to win elections. Rather than appeal to the mass electorate, Republican’s like to suppress the vote of people likely to vote for Democrats. After all, if there isn’t a gay marriage ban or an abortion bill on the agenda, they can’t count on the religious right to boost them up. And they obviously can’t win elections based on a failed philosophy.

Since the right leaning Supreme Court decided two weeks ago to uphold Indiana’s law requiring citizens to show a government issued photo ID to vote, Republicans across the country are moving to pass anti-voting laws. At last count there were nearly 20 bills.

Under the guise of protecting our voting rights from illegal immigrants, or liberals who vote at multiple locations, Republicans are suppressing the vote of people who legitimately want to vote. They are really stopping people who often vote for Democrats, senior citizen, and the poor. Never mind the fact that there is more history of Republican voter fraud, and mounting evidence of electronic voter fraud benefiting Republicans.

Do they really think an illegal immigrant is going to risk felony charges to vote in an election? History shows they tend to avoid contact with the government.

In Indiana’s primary, ten nuns living at the church the vote was taking place at were denied their right to vote because they didn’t have government issued photo-ids. Evidently, republican’s are protecting our democracy from the big threat of illegal immigrants disguised as nuns to tip the vote in the Democrats favor.

My grandmother never drove. For the last 25 years of her life she was confined to a wheel chair, and the last several years a nursing home. It was uncomfortable, even painful, for her to go places. Would she have gotten a photo ID to vote, or would she have just decided it wasn’t worth it? My grandma never missed voting, but I think she would have decided the hassle and pain of voting wouldn’t have been worth it.

Nuns and grandmas, the enemies of the right.


3 thoughts on “We Must Stop Grandmas and Nuns From Voting!!!”

  1. I think there are very valid reasons for being both for and against voter ID, but to say that the right is against grandmas and nuns really detracts from those arguments and turns this into more of a partisan hack job reminiscent of MN Dems Exposed than a reasoned argument.

    Personally, I’m not against a voter ID law, but I would argue that it has to provide for government-issued ID at no cost to those who can’t afford it. When you register to vote you’re required to provide valid ID. I see no reason not to require that same ID when you return to vote.

    However, I don’t think it has a thing to do with nuns and grandmas any more than it has to do with illegal immigrants (your point there is spot on).

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