John W. McCain The Maverick? (and gas tax holiday)

Have you noticed that the “Maverick Senator” from Arizona is campaigning on the exact platform that George W. Bush ran on in 2000 and 2004? Activist judges, abortion, lower taxes for the rich (never mind the deficit,) deregulate business (come on, trust them…) the terrorists are going to get you (never mind the weak dollar.)

How has that worked for us over the last seven years, six of which under total Republican control? What happened to the deficit control-campaign reform maverick he claimed to be? I think what John McCain is really missing is a W. in his name.

By the way, I responded to comment on the next entry. If you get a chance read it. It would make a good post for those people who think the gas tax has such a huge effect on everything. After all, we all know how much a 2 cent or 5 cent increase in gas affects us.

I mean, can you imagine if gas only went up 24 cents in one day rather than 26 cents. We would be celebrating in the streets. We would greet the gas station attendants as liberators.

FYI – Gas was $3.39 yesterday, it is $3.65 today – if we had started the gas tax holiday it would already be eliminated.