Oops she did it again…

Oops, she did it again.

Hillary Clinton has again attacked Barack Obama on an issue that should be a Democratic strength, strengthening McCain in November regardless of whether she or Obama become the nominee.

Clinton should not be attacking Obama for his “bitter” message and promulgating the stereotype of elitist Democrats. I could add it takes one to know one, but I’m elevating the discussion here. She should be attacking Obama for the way he stated it maybe, but the message is spot on, and she needs to quit attempting trivialize his speeches and his supporters.

Republicans constantly use blame as an election tactic, whether it is immigrants, gays, Hollywood, or the liberal elite, and that needs to be countered, not used by Hillary Clinton. This is a fascist technique, made to divide and the Clintons should be partnering with Obama rather than echoing the Republican talking points out of desperation.

What really pisses me off is hearing Clinton’s minions, who should be supporting Democrats, echoing the exact style of phrase that the Republicans are going to use against her if she is the nominee. I am a little tired of her juvenile “if I can’t have it no one can” tactic.

I can’t do anything more than I have. It is up to Pennsylvania and the remaining states in the coming month and a half. What should have been an easy Democratic victory is quickly becoming a long shot thanks to the reckless campaigning by the Clinton camp.

I used the “Oops she did it again” phrase above because this presidential Democratic campaign is beginning to a look a lot like Brittany Spears’ life – one poor, self-destructive decision after another.


3 thoughts on “Oops she did it again…”

  1. I think you have to admit that Democrats use wedge issues just as much as Republicans. “Tax cuts for the rich” is the mantra from Democrats for any Republican-driven tax cut. “Republican elitists”, “warmongers”, and other gross generalizations are common. It happens on both sides of the aisle and there’s nothing fascist about it. It’s just typical American politics.

  2. I didn’t know healthcare for children, clean air and water and a stable economy were wedge issues. Seems like common sense to me.

    Just because something might be “typical” does not make it right, and calling a tactic a fascist technique, does not make it fascist. Don’t cherry-pick words, keep everything in context.

  3. No one ever said health care, clean air and water, or a stable economy were wedge issues. However, Republicans often think tax cuts and reduced spending are ways towards a stable economy, and they are accused of using those things as wedges. Democrats equally use clean air and water as the basis for various environmental agendas, and they are accused of using them as wedges. Anything can be a wedge if you strike the right nerve in people.

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