I Wish I Had A State Representative Like Shelley Madore

In about the last month, I have been to two meetings at which Shelley Madore spoke. I like her toughness.  Add to that she was the subject of some really bad opinion letters in the Farmington Independent, one in which Farmington Mayor Kevin Soderberg outrageously equated her to a terrorist because she thinks Farmington and Lakeville should be included in the Metro Transit tax district, and I see why people respect her and why she won a district she was not suppose to win.

She is tough. And she is a great advocate for the people of Minnesota, weather she represents them or not.

Yesterday, Rep. Madore spoke at the CD2 Central Committee Meeting, along with Rep. David Bly and Rep. Carolyn Laine about their plans for a Minnesota Health Plan (check outwww.mnhealthplan.org.) I have to admit I have been skeptical about single-payer plans, and they ran out of time for me to ask a question, but based on that presentation and talking to a knowledgeable co-worker, count me in as a backer of the plan, and a supporter of Shelley Madore, even though she is not in my district.