Is John Kline Afraid of Little Old Ladies?

I received an email that Jim Ramstad is holding three town hall style meetings next week. It made me think how unavailable John Kline always seems to be.

I decided to look at some of our other state’s congressional representatives. Jim Oberstar is holding two meetings next week. Tim Walz is holding three meetings. Keith Ellison is holding four meetings this weekend. Collin Peterson was in Crookston for a couple meetings this last weekend.

I know John Kline comes back to the state. I’ve seen pictures. I talked to a staffer last election, Kline doesn’t like to hold meetings because “they are too partisan.” Maybe if he represented his district rather than only the Republicans of the district that voted for him, he would feel a little more welcome.

Those other congressmen aren’t afraid to meet their constituents. You would think a marine corps veteran could withstand the occasional verbal attack from a little old lady who is against the war. If he can’t, maybe he needs to think about retiring.

I suspect John Kline lacks empathy, and finds it hard to understand why people might disagree with his party- I mean with him. He probably also has a hard time relating to Minnesotans. After all, he is a carpetbagger, he has not spent much time here. Minnesotan’s have different view points and different values from Texans.

Steve Sarvi ’s parents moved a lot, but they settled in Minnesota and he grew up here going to school and college in Minnesota. Steve Sarvi has Minnesota values, Minnesota common-sense and Minnesota roots.


One thought on “Is John Kline Afraid of Little Old Ladies?”

  1. This among so many other reasons is why we must all work together to get Steve Sarvi elected to Congress. Kline doesn’t hold himself accountable to the voters of his district. He is a pawn for oil, votes to cut $15.3 in student aid, and continues Bush’s failed policies in Iraq.

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