Al Franken in Farmington – Letter to the Editor

I submitted a letter to the editor at the Farmington Independent. It was published March 6th, 2008.

To the editor,
Something in our political process I’ve never seen happen, happened last Saturday at the Senate District 36 DFL convention held at Farmington Middle School West. Many statewide candidates pop in to conventions to speak, usually allotted a couple minutes to address the crowd, then head off, but at this convention, one candidate stayed. Al Franken came to address the nearly 200 delegates, and like the other campaigns, was given four minutes to sway voters. But after he spoke, he stayed for hours, chatting with the residents of Farmington, Lakeville and the surrounding townships. He discussed issues, joked, participated a little in the walking sub-caucuses, and I even saw him drawing his famous freehand drawing of the 50 States. Al Franken was inspiring, he excited the group and his enjoyment and involvement in our little local process really showed why he will be a great senator for all of Minnesota.

Stephen Quist