Senate District 36 Convention (2008)

I attended the SD36 DFL Convention today. It was chaotic and often frustrating.

The group was big and there were a lot of new people who were not familiar with the process. Plus, it seemed like everyone of them wanted to get involved. I’m going to seem a little pretentious here, but I was a little annoyed that so many people who have never participated before, wanted to and were elected to two-year terms on the 26 person executive committee and board of directors over people have been working for years in the district. I hope they all maintain their excitement even after Barack Obama becomes president and show up each month to build the party.

But, while I was often frustrated during the process, something really amazing happened. Al Franken showed up at our convention, and like the other candidates got 4 minutes to speak. But unlike the others, Al stayed almost until the end, I’m talking several hours. He talked to people, sat at the delegate tables, I even saw him doing his amazing freehand drawing of the 50 states.

It was most fun when we were in our walking sub-caucuses (I was in the Obama/Franken/Sarvi-Progressive sub-caucus) and he came to our group that grew to 45 as we chanted “Yes we can,” stood on the table and made a couple of jokes. It was great and people were really impressed by him. I can’t see him not getting the endorsement in June. He not only gave the best four minute speech, he proved how much he loves this process. I will never forget that. I believe Al Franken is going to move into the Humphrey, Mondale, Wellstone category once he becomes senator.