You’re either with House Republicans or against them…

For several years now, I have chastised the Republicans for being followers. Both on the national and state level. Republicans seem vote how they are directed by the party, not for the good of the state they represent or the good of the country.

State Rep. Bud Heidgerken, Republican from Freeport, and one of the courageous six agrees with me. He said “the message they are sending to me is that we don’t want any independent minded people.” But he followed it up with “I’ll always stand up for what’s right.”

House Minority Leader Marty Seifert apparently doesn’t believe people should have an opinion either. At a Tuesday news conference he said “we expect Republicans to follow other Republicans.” He followed it up by stripping the six of their leadership positions.

Representative Ron Erhardt, of Edina, was removed as the lead Republican on the Property Tax Relief & Local Sales Taxes Committee. He said “I am not going along with this foolishness. If you have to get rid of me, fire me…This is the way we get treated if we vote our districts and vote our consciences and vote our feeling that we are doing the right thing for the state.”

This George Bush and Tom Delay tactic is exactly why the Democrats are going to pick up more seats in the state and the country. There are no compromises, no middle ground, no win-win, there is my way or the highway – either with them or against them.