The McCain-Huckabee Ticket?

As I watched the Super Tuesday returns coming in last night, I got a little concerned about Mike Huckabee. I’m not afraid of Mike Huckabee becoming president, but I am concerned about the buddy-buddy feeling between Huckabee and McCain. What if McCain picks Mike Huckabee as his running mate? That would be a very strong ticket for the Republicans.

Ronald Reagan was able to pull together the different factions of “conservative” groups. The Gun rights, religious right, pro-lifers and former southern democrats, the personal and property rights people, and smaller government activists into a single conservative movement that has held for 30 years.

But the Tom Delay, Trent Lott, George W. Bush/Dick Cheney triad has severely strained that coalition with uncontrolled spending, increased government size, the elimination of personal freedoms, only token actions for religious conservatives and obviously the poorly planned and horribly executed War in Iraq.

As the presidential race continued and John McCain has looked stronger and stronger, it looked like the coalition might finally splinter.

And it still might, but if McCain and Huckabee teamed up, the two might be the duct tape to hold Reagan’s crumbling coalition together. Together, they might keep the religious right who are very anti-McCain to stick with them for another cycle, and those southerners who are not part of the religious right but have voted Republican for 30 years. Add to that the potential Clinton opposition, and they may be very strong.

I’m not saying, I’m just saying…