Al Franken In Lakeville

We met Al Franken again last night. Even though the Lakeville VFW was packed to the edges, there were fewer people this time, so we got to actually talk to him for a minute.

Parts of his speech were impressive. I say “parts” because half the speech was spent paying

attention to my kids, specifically my three year old, so it was hard to pay attention. He got a lot of applause, so it couldn’t have been bad.

I have committed to caucusing for Al, and have made the decision to caucus for Barack Obama now. The caucus is only a week away.

Tonight is President Bush’s last State of the Union. Hooray! Speaking of President Bush, I thought it was funny that he came out and wants Congress to limit earmarks this year. This is the President who signed the bill with the “bridge to nowhere.” It is even funnier that earmarks are way down since the Democrats took over. Typical hypocritical speak from Republicans.