What do you get when you cross a truck with a hybrid? Not much.

A friend of mine told me to register for the HGTV Dream Home in the Florida Keys. The prize is a 2.2 million dollar home with furnishings and a new GMC Yukon Hybrid. There is no way I could pay the property taxes, let alone the income tax on receiving that home, but I was very intrigued by the GMC Yukon Hybrid.

A hybrid truck! That sounds great! It was until I saw the MPG is 20 city, and 21 highway. That sucks! A regular Yukon gets 14 city, and 21 highway. I realize it is an improvement, and better than nothing, but nobody can tell me that the auto industry is unable to do better.

We have heard all of the statistics that cars actually have worse gas mileage now than they did in the 70s. We’ve heard Exxon made 40 billion dollars last year. It is practically conspiratorial – cars use more gas, oil companies charge more and it cripples the middle and working class.

This lack of innovation could lead to worse things. Wants rather than innovation lead to war. One of Japan’s goals in starting WWII was to acquire natural resources. Sudan’s recent war turned into a war over oil. And the US has been militarily involved in the Middle East for more than a half a century because of oil. We have fought two wars in Iraq, on top of spending trillions of dollars throughout the Middle East to support governments considered “favorable” to us.

Oil Obsolescence is the path to world peace, at least temporarily. I say temporarily because it probably won’t be long before wars over other natural resources, like water, take over.

Without the innovation, we are risking economic security. Since OPEC cut oil production in the 1970s creating the oil crisis what have we done? Nothing!

Politicians only care about now, and risk our health, security and freedoms in the future rather than planning for the future. America is not a corporation. We aren’t stockholders looking for a big dividend. We need long term security, and forward thinkers.