Let the Real 2008 Race Begin

Well I guess the day of the Iowa caucus is as good as any day to get back into this. I’ve been pretty busy taking two classes, teaching bible school on Wednesday nights, trucking my two older boys to basketball and dealing with numerous dumb little things that seem to make our life so much more hectic than it really needs to be.

It is just over four weeks until the Minnesota Caucus, but am still undecided. I really like Al Franken, but I think Mike Ciresi is very senatorial. In the presidential race I am still leaning toward Barack Obama, but am not convinced. I’m sure I would be a strong Hillary supporter if I didn’t feel like she was hiding stuff. By hiding I mean things like not letting photos be taken until she is ready, restricting who can see her, removing reporters from interviews or conferences who ask questions that they have been told ahead of time she won’t respond to. It is all very Bush like. I like John Edwards, but he has done some stuff that annoy me, and I really like Bill Richardson, but he has no hope of winning. I am baffled by people who like Dennis Kucinich, sorry if you are one of them, I’ve heard him twice recently and he seems almost belligerent, very egomaniacal.

As for Congressional District 2, I believe a Steve Sarvi is the only candidate so far who has announced or filed to run. I’m not sure because I have been out of the loop for a while. Anyway, he is a National Guardsman and really seems to be stressing that point in the little bit I have heard about him. He seems like the perfect candidate to run against John Kline whose only positive message seems to be he served and carried the “football.”

Other than that, I am taking a marketing class and following the Twins hot stove moves, of which there are always many (that was sarcasm). Maybe I will be more active for the next year or so. Check back.