Bill Richardson or Barack Obama

Can you believe it, two posts in one day! Anyway, I’ve decided to withdraw my support for John Edwards. I thought the statement he made last week about the Clintons and the Lincoln Bedroom being for sale was irresponsible. The Lincoln Bedroom issue that arose during Bill Clinton’s presidency was one of many false and over-hyped right wing attempts to ruin Bill Clinton. Next week is John Edwards going to begin talking about Whitewater or the blue dress? If it was a legitimate issue, fine bring it up, but not old right wing lies that the right is already planning to use if Hillary gets the nomination. He is just lending credence to their false claim.

I think Hillary seems very presidential most of the time I see her, but I don’t like the story I heard about how controlling she is with the media when making appearances. I like Barack Obama and Bill Richardson, Heck, I don’t even have a choice. Once we caucus, the candidates most likely will already have been chosen.