Congressman John Kline’s Town Hall Meeting (2007)

CI went to John Kline’s Town Hall Meeting tonight.

I was pretty disappointed in the event. It was well attended by both sides, but I was disappointed in that it was basically cheering/jeering event. Anytime anybody said something positive about Kline, his faction stood up and cheered, and when somebody said something negative his detractors stood and cheered.

The comments from the crowd were for the most part very partisan, oh by the way, everything is still Clinton’s fault. And Kline himself was very partisan whether he was praising the last congress, chiding the current congress, or insulting Democrats for “not being very democratic.”

It was a waste of time. Deep down I suspected it might be, but I hoped there would be an overwhelming opposition to him. There was not.

John Kline is a true Tom Delay Republican. And in the most Republican district in the state, he doesn’t need to worry about being common-sense. He can vote based on his narrow minority opinions with no fear of repercussions or unemployment until at least 2012 probably.