John Kline To Hold Town Hall Meeting?

In a March 8th press release, on his website, John Kline is quoted to have said:

“The physical infrastructure and administrative problems at Walter Reed are absolutely inexcusable.”

And yet he can’t say this:

The physical infrastructure and administrative problems IN IRAQ are absolutely inexcusable.

In that same press release, John Kline is quoted as saying:

“The fine doctors and nurses at Walter Reed provide excellent medical care, but it is clear that a lack of leadership and administrative initiative at the top created these shameful conditions.”

And yet Congressman Kline can’t say this:

The fine SOLDIERS IN IRAQ provide excellent SERVICE, but it is clear that a lack of leadership and administrative initiative at the top created this shameful WAR.

It is time for John Kline to quit hiding behind his staff and discuss the war with his constituents.

After six weeks of weekly protests at his Burnsville office, John Kline has finally agreed to hold a town hall meeting open to anyone. This is new. In 2004, John Kline held topic specific town hall meeting, but refused to discuss anything other than the isolated topic he was prepared for. In 2006, he had no openly advertised town hall meetings. The funny thing is his staff told me he did.

If, and I think it is a big if, the constituent-cowardly Kline, afraid of the masses, shows up, this is a really important event.

I have no doubt that John Kline and his staff will try to pack the auditorium at Lakeville South with his supporters. It is important for as many people who can possibly go to fill that auditorium and oppose George Bush and his local surrogate John Kline. He needs to get a real message that he represents more than the 33% of the district that voted for him, which is something he and his staff can’t seem to get through their heads.

Press Release:
Kline announces town hall meeting
Congressman organizes session to listen to constituents, hear their concerns
March 16, 2007

BURNSVILLE – Congressman John Kline (R-MN) is hosting a town hall meeting to hear from the constituents of Minnesota’s Second District on a wide variety of issues. The town hall meeting will be from 7-9 p.m. on Tuesday, April 3, at the Lakeville South High School Auditorium in Lakeville.


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