Look at Actions, not Misstatements on John Kerry’s Part

I consider a lot of my political leanings to be common-sense. I also think anybody with common-sense knows John Kerry, one of congresses strongest troop and veteran supporters, was not insulting our troops serving in Iraq when he made the poorly worded comments the other day.

Now, I have to qualify that statement by saying I am not saying George Bush, Tony Snow and John McCain don’t have common-sense for insulting him. After all, they are politicians. Those of us with common-sense realize they are merely acting offended in an attempt to create Rick Kahn type incident to sway voters.

Everybody makes comments they regret, and comments that they didn’t mean, but in a case like this, people need to look beyond the misstatement and look at the history and actions John Kerry has demonstrated over the years. John Kerry wasn’t just a decorated soldier, he has fought for troops and veterans ever since Vietnam.

It is unfortunate that even though John Kerry may not have meant what came out of his mouth, in a way he is correct. There are many people who join the military because they might not have other options. It isn’t that they are less educated. It is that they have fewer opportunities.

There is an uneven playing field in our society that allows children, such as children of congress men and women who get to go to the best colleges despite their grades, and middle and lower income children who may feel the best route is to either make a career or pay for college is to join the military. Don’t get me wrong, it is admirable to serve our country. I have the utmost respect for anybody’s decision regardless of the reason, but if people without other opportunities aren’t the ones joining the military, why does the Army pay thousands of dollars in signing bonuses to join?

Regardless of that truth, Kerry didn’t mean that, he botched a joke. At least he didn’t go into seclusion and claim alcohol made him do it!