You Have an Obligation to Vote

I’m afraid that enough people are still drinking the Kool-Aid when it comes to Republicans and security. The President’s and his staff’s lies are so ingrained in his supporter’s heads that despite a less safe world today than it was six years ago, Republican candidates here in Minnesota and around the country still want to follow his agenda.

The atmosphere of threat and danger, or the possibilities of it, has successfully kept these people in power in Washington.

Despite the approaching number of 3000 dead Americans soldiers, tens of thousands wounded, and no plan to change, somehow I am labeled a defeatist, a cut-and-runner, simply because I want to change something that isn’t working to protect our soldiers and our country.

I know the Republicans have no platform to run on other than security, well, that and Bill Clinton, but the relevance in this election is not solely the war. It is lost opportunity, lost pensions, skyrocketing medical costs, the near poor – less able to support themselves, war profiteering, deep seeded corruption in congress, and an executive branch loaded with incompetence and cronyism.

That’s where we are two weeks before this election. We need every vote to change the country. There are a lot of people who feel they don’t need to vote. That their district is safe, or there is no chance their candidate will win, but those of us who feel there is concern for our country need to get in the habit of voting in every election regardless of the conceived meaning. The truth is, many people died and risked their lives for our freedom, it is more than a right, it is an obligation to vote.