Aliens abducted me. Yeah that’s it.

I think a lot of people are asking themselves what happened to the Republican Party. What happened to controlled spending? What happened to less taxes? What happened to deficit control? What happened to the party of personal responsibility?

Right now Republicans are blaming everybody but themselves. It is Clinton’s fault North Korea is working on a bomb. It is the media’s fault the Mark Foley scandal came out. It is Nancy Pelosi’s fault Mark Foley is a pedophile wait no, it is the gay’s fault. It is everybody’s fault but the people looking in the mirror.

The current Republican world doesn’t even know what personal responsibility is. Right now, the Republican Party is the party of uncontrolled spending. Think of Alaska’s “bridge to nowhere,” the 223 million dollar project to build a bridge nearly as long as the Golden Gate Bridge and higher than the Brooklyn Bridge, to connect the town of Ketchikan (population 8,900) to the city’s airport on Gravina Island (population 50). That’s right, if you do the math, we are spending $24,916 for each person between those two places so they don’t have to take a ferry to the airport.

A lot of people don’t know this, but there were two 200 million dollar-plus bridges for Alaska in the transportation bill. The other connects a small island with a handful of homes to Anchorage. That was a bridge even the city council rejected, but the rest of the country is paying for it thanks to the Republican party.

And here, Mark Kennedy is running on the issue that he wants to make sure the line item veto is established so that the President can take pork like this out. Maybe Mark Kennedy should have voted against the 295 billion dollar bill, rather than crying about not being able to help himself from voting for it.

Quick help him before he spends again, it isn’t his fault. Just like it is not Mark Foley’s fault he solicited pages. He, and the Republican leadership have dragged out every possible excuse. He’s an alcoholic…he’s gay…he was molested…what’s next? Aliens abducted him? Where has the personal responsibility gone?