What a coincidence. We don’t want to be in Iraq, and they don’t want us there either.

What a coincidence!

In a September 27, St. Paul Pioneer Press-Minnesota Public Radio poll, more than 60 percent of Minnesota voters said that given the costs and benefits, the Iraq war is not worth fighting.

In an early September poll of 1,150 Iraqis, done for the University of Maryland’s Program on International Policy Attitudes, it found that over 60 percent of Iraqis said they approve of attacks on U.S. troops.

President Bush keeps saying the Iraqi people want us there. It must be like how “the American people” keep saying they want to eliminate the inheritance tax. While it is only the richest Americans that want to eliminate the tax, I am guessing it might be the richest Iraqis that want our troops there.

Why is it, that under the Republicans, we continue to only do what the radical and wealthy want, and not what a majority of Americas want? Why do we, as Democrats, allow issues that involve less then 10% of our population to be driving issues in political contests? Bush is responsible for the deaths of nearly 3000 American troops, and a majority of those (in Iraq) are unjustified deaths. Why is it that we do not have a congress that sees that a majority of Americans don’t want us in a Iraq, and an equal number of Iraqis not only don’t want us there, but are OK that Americans are killed. Why don’t they do something? Where is the oversight?

It is very important to change things in Washington. I am beginning to believe that the Republicans are there to prove what they all said in the 80s, that government doesn’t work. The problem is, they are making sure it does not work, rather than proving it doesn’t work. We can start the change this year by electing DFL candidates. We can continue in 2008, by electing more Democrats and a Democratic president. We can prove government works when it works for the good of the country, rather than the good of a few. Maybe after a good whoopin’ over the next couple elections, the majority of Republicans will run the radical neocons out of town, so we can return to a democracy again.