John Edgar Hoover — I mean Kline

In the Kevin Diaz StarTribune article dated 9/19/06, “Kline staffer filmed using racial term outside Rowley event”, Mr. Diaz writes that Paul Bartlett, “a frequent Kline critic and Rowley supporter is well-known to the Kline campaign, which has a lengthy file of his e-mails and blog entries.”

Does that mean John Kline keeps a J. Edgar Hoover type file on all of the critics of his campaign? Is that why I can’t get him to send me his email updates? I have heard more than once of people calling to ask a simple question or make a minor complaint only to be chastised by a member of Kline’s staff.

Maybe Kline should be more worried about his staff serving all the constituents he represents, rather than insulting them the way Mike Osskopp did at the Rowley event, or creating black lists or enemy files. Maybe John Kline needs to reconsider how he selects his staff.


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