Angry White Man – GOP Campaign Plan?

I saw Governor Pawlenty’s ad where he stands, smiling in front of a white background with some happy, jazzy music playing. I have no idea what he was lying about, but I heard GOP apologist Sarah Janecek recently describe future governor Mike Hatch as “angry.”

Then I heard a caller to a radio station yesterday describe Mike Hatch as “an angry white man.” It hit me, the right wing is starting their labeling campaign, and the point of Pawlenty’s ad is not to say anything of any importance to voters, it is an ad to depict him as a “happy white man.”

They can’t beat Mike Hatch on issues or accomplishments because Pawlenty has done nothing good for the State, while Mike Hatch keeps working like a bulldog for the state and the underprivileged.

Well a bumper sticker comes to mind. “If you are not angry, you are not paying attention!”

I hope Mike get really angry if they ever debate.