Finally a leader for our State in Mike Hatch

About a week ago, Mike Hatch called for an energy initiative that would improve our states economy and improve our environment. Hatch said “we cannot wait for leadership from a federal government that has a pro-oil policy. We need to position Minnesota for the future.” Hatch called for requiring electric utilities to produce at least 20 percent of their power from renewable sources by 2020. He also urged further government study of other energy initiatives such as conservation tax credits, energy-wise building codes, low-resistance auto tires and consumer incentives for alternative-fuel vehicles.

What a change a Governor Hatch would be compared to the governors Minnesota has employed for nearly eight years. Jesse Ventura thought his job as governor was to referee wrestling matches in between signing or vetoing bills. Tim Pawlenty thinks being governor means taking pledges not to raise taxes and “standing by” the President.

The governor is a CEO. The job is to lead the state into the future. Like any successful company, Minnesota needs a leader to do that, and unlike the previous two governors, Mike Hatch is a leader.

He is a bulldog fighting hard for what he believes in, and he will be a governor who reinvigorates the progressive attitudes of our great state by establishing the leadership needed to meet the high standard of living our citizens want back.

Candidates like Tim Pawlenty, Mark Kennedy and Mary Kiffmeyer aren’t leaders who promote improvement in our standard of living. They are candidates for their own ego and the Republican party. They lack the innate ability to be leaders. They are followers of the conservative agenda among other things aiming to dumb down America so that a small percentage of elitist control freaks can take advantage of the country.

As November approaches, we are on the threshold of regaining our freedom, clean air and hope for the future, however, we are on the edge of not being able to turn back too. It is more important than ever to elect progressive candidates in 2006. While the hearts of many are ready for this fight, we still need the wallets. Locally, we have state seats with strong candidates in traditional Republican areas who need money. Paul Hardt in my district or Andrew Borene in Edina. Then there are the big three we must elect for the State, Mike Hatch, Mark Ritchie for Secretary of State and Amy Klobuchar. Don’t miss the primary September 12th.