The 2006 Political Revolution a la 1994?

I’ve heard more than once that 2006 could be another 1994. A sort of Superfriend’s Bizarro 1994, where Democrats will take control of the Republican House like Newt and his big business-anti family cronies did in November 1994.

The problem is that the fat cat Democrats of 1994 didn’t suspect anything was happening until it was too late. The Republicans today are ready for it. While many of them feel the incumbent “(I)” after their name is enough to keep them in congress, like the 1994 Democrats did, they know they need to fight hard to maintain their stake in the economic futures of people like the Waltons (Walmart, not the TV show) and Hiltons. They need to ensure the elite keep becoming more elite, more than worrying about the future of our great country.

I heard Ann Coulter say the Democrats should win 60 seats in the house and 12 in the senate. I’d love for that to happen, and while the Democrats will probably pick up seats in both, they most likely will not take a majority in either political body.

I love polls, and I will be searching for those state maps that show predictions soon, but too many Democrats are setting themselves up for a depressing November 8th, and I think the Republican pundits are setting the stage to declare a victory despite a loss.