Klobuchar and Bell lead Kennedy

Amy Klobuchar is one of, if not the best candidates available in the DFL party right now to swing an election. On Friday, a new poll was released by Zogby and the conservative-leaning Wall Street Journal that shows Amy Klobuchar leading Mark Kennedy 49.2% to 41.4%. Amy Klobuchar has gained a percentage point since the last poll in January.

Of course we all know polls can change rapidly, but the real indication that Mark Kennedy is in trouble is that not only did Amy Klobuchar beat Mark Kennedy, but Ford Bell would beat Mark Kennedy by nearly 4 percentage points. Ford Bell is a fine candidate, but he does not have the name recognition Amy Klobuchar has, and he still beats Mark Kennedy.

The election is not today though. Mark Kennedy’s ads have not started yet. He is so desperate to win, that he will probably do anything. Just like Patty Wetterling was in 2004, this year’s DFL candidate will likely be dishonestly attacked by Mark Kennedy.

Mark Kennedy has no choice but to run negative ads. He has nothing good to run on. Mark Kennedy, like my representative John Kline, is suffering from his attachment to a dangerously incompetent executive administration. Kennedy supports the Bush White House 97% of the time.

Kennedy voted against federal Clean Air and Water standards and to reduce liability for polluters. He came out recently with the statement that he has “been a strong advocate for increasing Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program funding,” despite the fact that last year he voted to cut the program by $176 million dollars.

I guess there is one positive for Kennedy. He has a higher percentage than Bush’s approval rating…
Amy is an honest, believes in accountability, is tough and is committed to making government work better. Show your support. Make a donation to her “Spring Cleaning” fund raiser to “sweep corruption out of Washington D.C.”


2 thoughts on “Klobuchar and Bell lead Kennedy”

  1. Mark Kennedy’s terrible ads will do more damage to a DFL nominee like Klobuchar than a Bell. How do we know? It worked against Wetterling, another female DFL nominee.

    Bell might night have as much name recognition among lifelong DFLers, but he has had to run a campaign that targetted newcomers to the party who are more motivated by principles rather than party loyalty.

    On the otherhand, there are plenty that believe that Klobuchar deserves the nomination because of her long campaign for this nomination, disguised as it was a a proxy-speaking tour for John Kerry or a run at the seat that Hatch was obviously intending to vacate. It is possible that voters at the polls in November will understand that as well as any caucus attendee… the DFL nomination process is just another entitlement program for urban females with ethnic-sounding names 🙂

    Anyway, shorter names are more visible on political lawnsigns. Couple a short name with height, a reasonable amount of charisma and height, plus principles, and you have a the makings of an electable Senator.

  2. Kennedy is a win at all costs candidate, and his slimy image won’t work on the iron range. It doesn’t matter who the candidate is this time, a Dem will win but Klobuchar has the money raising abilities needed for a senate race in this day.

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